Strategy and communications consulting with expertise in social innovation, veterans affairs, and civic engagement


Marvin Strategies provides consulting and public speaking services for
corporations, film and television productions, charitable foundations,
and socially innovative programs & campaigns. 

Services include messaging, project development, partner cultivation, narrative
development, and public engagement. Marvin Strategies has unique expertise on
veterans, military families, defense policy, social innovation, philanthropy,
cross-sector collaboration, service, citizenship, and civic engagement.

Marvin Strategies is certified by the Small Business Administration as
a service-disabled veteran owned small business.


“Veterans like Mr. Marvin...are pushing back against the stereotype...[and] going behind the scenes in the entertainment industry to push writers, television networks and Hollywood executives to present characters that show the full scope of veterans’ experiences.”
— New York Times

Consulting & Thought Leadership

Marvin Strategies launched in 2015 as a consulting practice focused on veteran-related strategy, communication, and thought leadership. Since then, the firm has expanded to also address concerns in the areas of social innovation and civic engagement.  Marvin Strategies has extensive experience working with corporations, film & television productions, charitable foundations, and socially innovative programs & campaigns. The firm provides services that include project & program development, messaging & narrative building, and external engagement.

Marvin Strategies draws on the experience of founder and principal Chris Marvin.  Chris is an expert on collaborative leadership with professional experience that combines military service, entrepreneurship, and social innovation. Chris has led multiple efforts to create large-scale cultural change through collaboration between national nonprofits, the federal government, foundations, the entertainment industry, and major corporations.

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“Marvin appreciates the way a big movie can get people talking, but he sees a greater opportunity in the less overt instances of militarism in pop culture...”
— The Washington Post

Messaging & Narrative Building

Marvin Strategies offers services to corporations, socially innovative campaigns, and the entertainment industry to help develop a narratives for shifting perceptions. The ways an organization groups of people is indicative of how well it can work with and and serve them. Marvin Strategies has extensive experience working with major studios & networks in Hollywood, Fortune 500 companies, and thought leaders in social innovation. Services include plot & character development, script review, internal and external communication strategies, techniques for shaping public perception, and more.    

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“Military service is in Marvin’s blood. Two of his great-grandfathers served in World War I. His two grandfathers served in World War II and his father in the Vietnam War. But Marvin feels that his generation of warriors represents an important difference: It was the first to fight in an extended war exclusively as volunteers, not draftees.”
— Christian Science Monitor


Chris Marvin is a combat-wounded veteran of the war in Afghanistan. Chris uses his personal story interwoven with his expertise as a social innovator and entrepreneur to create thought-provoking talks about the veteran narrative. Chris is a thought leader on social movements, strategic marketing, shifting cultural perceptions, and collective impact. He has extensive experience speaking on leadership, the civilian-military divide, post-traumatic growth, and today’s veteran experience. Chris is also an accomplished moderator, as well as a facilitator for workshops, focus groups, and other strategic convenings.

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