Strategy and communications consulting with expertise in
social innovation, movement building, veterans affairs,
and civic engagement

Marvin Strategies provides consulting and public speaking services for corporations, film and
television productions, charitable foundations, and socially innovative programs & campaigns. 

Services include messaging, project development, partner cultivation, narrative development, and public
engagement. Marvin Strategies has unique expertise on social innovation, philanthropy, cross-sector collaboration, movement building, veterans, military families, defense policy, national service, citizenship, and civic engagement.

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Reports and Case Studies

USO - Qualitative human-centered research on the military spouse community

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Throughout the summer and fall of 2018, Marvin Strategies conducted qualitative market research for the USO. The project utilized human-centered design principles to gather themes and insights about the military spouse community. After visiting more than a dozen military installations and interviewing over 50 military spouses, the USO and Marvin Strategies publicly released the report entitled The Backbone of Our Military: Perceptions and Experiences from Modern Military Spouses. The report was the center piece of the USO’s Salute to Military Spouses in November 2018. The insight gained from the report will be used to improve upon existing USO programs and design new initiatives to support military spouses, as well as shared with other organizations working in the military family field.

Read the full report - The Backbone of Our Military: Perceptions and Experiences from Modern Military Spouses

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Presidio Trust - Developing a campus for social innovation on historic land


In 2017, Marvin Strategies was retained by the Presidio Trust to conduct research and assemble a report for the future utilization of Fort Scott—a century old former military base now operated by the Trust in association with the National Park Service. Working with Presidio staff, Marvin Strategies designed and released a report that would prepare the Trust to request proposals from partners who could help turn Fort Scott into a campus for social innovation. The report was subsequently used to develop the request for concepts in 2018 and ultimate conversion of Fort Scott in the years to come.

Read the full report - Fort Winfield Scott: Reactivating a Legacy of Service

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Bipartisan Policy Center - Exploring innovative ways to reform defense personnel policies

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In 2016, Marvin Strategies worked with the Bipartisan Policy Center to build the Task Force on Defense Personnel. The task force was co-chaired by former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, retired Marine Corps General and former National Security Advisor James Jones, former Senator Jim Talent, and CEO of Blue Star Families Kathy Roth-Douquet. Marvin Strategies helped recruit members the task force, which included more than two dozen accomplished individuals from the defense and national security communities. Marvin Strategies also authored significant portions of the report and spear-headed a first-of-its-kind “listening tour” that visited military bases across the country to document personnel issues from the field. The report was presented to Congress and the Department of Defense, and many of the recommendations have and will be incorporated into future legislation, appropriations, and policy.

Read the full report - Building a F.A.S.T Force: A Flexible Personnel System for a Modern Military

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