Chris Marvin is a combat-wounded veteran of the war in Afghanistan. Chris uses his personal story interwoven with his expertise as a social innovator and entrepreneur to create thought-provoking talks about the veteran narrative.

Chris is a thought leader on social movements, strategic marketing, shifting cultural perceptions, and collective impact. He has extensive experience speaking on leadership, the civilian-military divide, post-traumatic growth, and today’s veteran experience. Chris is also an accomplished moderator, as well as a facilitator for workshops, focus groups, and other strategic convenings.

Speaking topics

Culture Change

Pop culture and the media are powerful tools.  They can help shape society’s views on many important social issues.  From the LGBT movement to the concept of the “designated driver”, popular media has been a source for change in many ways. Chris Marvin compares some of the most well-known movements with his own experience shaping the veteran narrative in Hollywood, as he discusses culture change. 


Today’s Veteran Experience

Who do you picture when you hear the word “veteran”? Does this image represent the diversity of the group of people exiting today’s military? Understanding who veterans really are is the first step in understanding how veterans help make our companies and communities stronger. Chris Marvin uses his depth of experience as one of the leaders of the veteran empowerment movement to more accurately communicate who veterans really are. 


Post-traumatic Growth & Resilience

The concept of post-traumatic growth isn’t often included in conversations about mental health and wellness. Only recently studied in academia, understanding post-traumatic growth and resilience is crucial to understanding the value veterans can bring to a company or a community. Chris Marvin explores the topic of post-traumatic growth by filtering cutting-edge research on the topic through his personal experiences in combat and beyond.


Communicating with Veterans

There are many misconceptions that we hold about who veterans are and how civilians should interact with them. Chris Marvin helps to dismiss many of the common myths that civilians have about veterans and how to talk to them, serve them, and market to them. 

Speaking Engagements

Past speaking engagements and clients include:

National Conference on Citizenship
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary
Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
Aspen Institute's Franklin Project
Bipartisan Policy Center
Democratic National Convention
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
Clinton Global Initiative - America
Council on Foundations
Midwestern Governors Association
Goodwill Industries of Southern California
ITT Exelis
CEO Connection
Pat Tillman Foundation
AmeriCorps & The Corporation for National and Community Service
Points of Light
The Mission Continues
Union League of Philadelphia
The University of Southern California
Hands On Network
Chaminade University
New Hampshire Campus Compacts
True Patriot Love
Give an Hour
Multicultural Leadership Program

Speaking Samples

Trailer from "Today's Veteran" in 2014

"Post Traumatic Growth" from London in 2013