Messaging & Narrative Building

Marvin Strategies offers services to corporations, socially innovative campaigns, and the entertainment industry to help develop a narratives for shifting perceptions. The ways an organization groups of people is indicative of how well it can work with and and serve them. Marvin Strategies has extensive experience working with major studios & networks in Hollywood, Fortune 500 companies, and thought leaders in social innovation. Services include plot & character development, script review, internal and external communication strategies, techniques for shaping public perception, and more.  

Areas of Expertise

Portraying Veterans on Film and Television

For millions of Americans, their primary impression of veterans comes from what they see in a movie theater or on a television screen.  Therefore, film and television productions have great influence over the veteran narrative through the way they choose to portray veterans. The most difficult challenge is often the ability to show the “average veteran.” 

Marvin Strategies has experience working with writers, producers, and show runners to improve the veteran narrative in film and television productions. From creating a one-time veteran character to developing a long-running veteran storyline, Marvin Strategies helps content creators explore the nuance of the veteran narrative in a way that will make the content more rich and diverse.


Reframing Stuck Issues

Marvin Strategies does not always possess the subject matter expertise and experience required to truly redefine the narrative on a particular issue. But, organizations almost always already have a significant amount of subject matter expertise in their area of interest. Marvin Strategies brings strategies and tactics to help reframe "stuck issues".

Marvin Strategies provides research, techniques, and tools that--along with a client's expertise--enable the development of new communication strategies.  By reframing the narrative around a "stuck issue" clients can begin to shift public perceptions. This can help an organization reach new audiences, better relate to internal and external stakeholders, and develop more effective marketing strategies.


Veterans & Corporate Culture

On the whole, veterans are more employed, earn higher salaries, and get promoted faster than their civilian counterparts. In recent years, many corporations have instituted veteran hiring programs to attract top-tier veteran talent. However, companies often find it challenging to integrate veterans into the fabric of their firm.  The answer is often much more complex than simply creating a veteran hiring program. 

Marvin Strategies provides support and advice on the messaging required to ensure that veteran programs succeed inside the company as well as they succeed outside. The firm helps companies identify shifts in internal communications, narrative, and employee programming that allow a company's culture to become more welcoming and attractive to qualified veteran jobseekers.