Marvin Strategies launched in 2015 as a consulting practice focused on veteran-related strategy, communication, and thought leadership. Since then, the firm has expanded to also address concerns in the areas of social innovation and civic engagement.  Marvin Strategies has extensive experience working with corporations, film & television productions, charitable foundations, and socially innovative programs & campaigns. The firm provides services that include project & program development, messaging & narrative building, and external engagement.

Marvin Strategies draws on the experience of founder and principal Chris Marvin.  Chris is an expert on collaborative leadership with professional experience that combines military service, entrepreneurship, and social innovation. Chris has led multiple efforts to create large-scale cultural change through collaboration between national nonprofits, the federal government, foundations, the entertainment industry, and major corporations.

Consulting Services

Project and Program Development

  • Strategic planning

  • Project management

  • Idea incubation

  • Event facilitation

  • Research

  • Writing

  • Articulation of impact

Partnership Cultivation

  • Strategic partnership formation

  • Partner outreach

  • Audience cultivation

Messaging & Narrative Building

  • Internal communications

  • Public relations support

  • Interpretation of messaging

  • External communications

Public Engagement

  • Community engagement

  • Awareness building

Public Perception Shaping

  • Campaign development

  • Cultural analysis

Areas of Expertise   

Shifting Public Perceptions

Perception is reality. Unfortunately, often times in our society public perceptions of people, groups, and ideas don't align with empirical evidence. These discrepancies between what people believe and what is actually true can cause significant dissonance and hold up innovation and progress. It takes a special kind of thinking--leveraging both thorough evaluation and influential communications strategies--to alter cultural perceptions.

Marvin Strategies consults with organizations to understand their challenges and then helps develop a narrative to shift public perceptions. Landscape analysis, survey design, and data interpretation help to define realities. Meanwhile, thoughtful articulation of ideas, strategic partnerships, differentiated communication channels, and curated stakeholder engagement start to erode misperceptions and bring to bear more accurate messaging. Marvin Strategies helps develop customized techniques for shaping public perception based on years of experience and success.

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Social Innovation & Collaborative Leadership

Problems are never simple—especially when they affect millions of people. At Marvin Strategies, we believe that we must focus on the power of cross-sector collaboration to solve our greatest challenges. However, uniting public, private, and nonprofit stakeholders under a single shared objective can be the toughest challenge of all.

Marvin Strategies has a wealth of experience in the study and practice of social innovation, culture change, cross-sector collaboration, and system leadership. From small neighborhood collective impact efforts to large-scale social movements, Marvin Strategies helps develop innovative strategies and solutions that can lead to tangible impact and positive outcomes.


Developing Veteran-Facing Programs

Companies, foundations, and nonprofits often see benefit in creating programs that will appeal to veterans. These programs and events may span a wide range of goals, including: helping veterans in need, using veterans’ skills to solve community problems, attracting veteran customers, cultivating veteran talent, and more.

Marvin Strategies works with clients to develop strategies and messaging that will reach and resonate with veterans, while avoiding many of the typical pitfalls that plague these types of efforts. The firm provides support and advice for developing veteran programs and helps organizations identify communication techniques and new strategic partnerships that will attract veterans to the programs.


The Civilian-Military Divide

The active component of our military is an all-volunteer force made up of less than 0.5% of the US population.  Yet, upwards of one quarter of all Americans have either served or have an immediate family member who has served in the military. The civilian-military divide has been decades in the making and exists on a complex spectrum.  Most importantly, there are no right or wrong answers, except to say that all Americans can benefit from a conversation about the civilian-military divide.

Marvin Strategies provides data-supported messaging that creates a robust conversation about the civilian-military divide for our clients. From a basic “Military and Veteran 101” to a detailed explanation of why a company should care about the nuances of the military pension and benefits system, Marvin Strategies understands the importance of engaging people on the issues that surround the civilian-military divide.


Veteran-Related Philanthropy

Foundations and corporate social responsibility departments work hard to ensure that their philanthropic dollars support people and organizations that are reputable and efficient with positive and measurable impact. With over 40,000 nonprofit organizations supporting more than 21 million veterans, no amount of due diligence in the veteran community can be completely thorough. 

Marvin Strategies has developed a robust knowledge of veteran nonprofits and helps clients sort through the field to find the best aligned organizations. The firm assists clients in establishing philanthropic strategies and building a strong giving portfolio. The result is philanthropy in the veteran community that demonstrates real impact, leverages appropriate resources, and develops mutually beneficial partnerships.


Military Families

The terms "veterans" and "military families" are often forced together. Yet, these two populations are distinct and have very little overlap. When nonprofits, policy makers, or corporations conflate veterans and military families neither group is served as well as they could be. Military families--including active service members--represent a large subset of Americans and deserve unique programs and resources.

Marvin Strategies is well suited to help clients distinguish between veteran and military family issues and needs. By helping clients create a separate set of priorities for military families, Marvin Strategies ensures that the best military spouses are hired, the best nonprofits are supported, and the best policies are created. 


Service & Civic Engagement

Many Americans hope to give back to the country that has given them so much. Military service is but one way to serve your country. National and international service, community volunteering, and activities in local politics are just a few ways that citizens can further participate in our democracy and help strengthen our nation. 

Marvin Strategies has a wealth of experience in service and civic engagement issues. The firm's principal, Chris Marvin, is a combat-wounded veteran and AmeriCorps Alum who comes from a military family. Marvin Strategies supports and advises clients on numerous issues in the realm of civic engagement including: military recruiting, national service, selective service, voting, and more.

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